ftrack vfx project management

Software users explain the benefits of ftrack's creative project management platform

The client

ftrack are the creators of the highly successful and powerful web-based creative project management solution of the same name. The solution, which can be easily accessed by creatives and managers alike via any web browser, is a simple and effective way for VFX and design professionals to manage visual projects.

Early on in our engagement, we identified the strong need for a customer-centric video that would explain the benefits and showcase the features of ftrack, right from the users’ perspective.

The project

What is ftrack? Users seeking to learn more about this powerful software were lacking an easy answer. We provided it in this slick and accessible explainer video.

Featuring ftrack developers and power users rhapsodizing on ftrack’s benefits, interspersed with animated cutaways of ftrack in action, the video takes viewers on a guided tour of how ftrack can help studios and individual creatives in their day to day.

The video stood as a central effort in ftrack’s marketing efforts and was bolstered by our motion graphics work on the visually playful Creative Collaboration Made Easy campaign.

What We Did


Full production management


Edit management

Video promotion

Location scouting and booking

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