5-Point Checklist for Effective Marketing and PR


There has never been a more fragmented and competitive communications landscape than what we have in 2020. Not only are there more products and services than ever before but there are considerably more routes to market. We are constantly bombarded by images, stories and advertising across multiple platforms each and every day.

How can brands and companies without deep pockets or massive marketing budgets still make a significant impact in the markets and to the people that matter most for their business? The team at Grammatik have pulled together this invaluable ebook to help you evaluate your current marketing activity against a clear set of criteria. 

In our free 20 page ebook, we’ll give you lots of expert advice including:

  • How to create an effective B2B marketing and PR strategy.
  • How to use social media to engage with your customers and drive in new leads.
  • Market intelligence and why it is important to keep tabs on your competition.
  • How partnership marketing can drive engagement.
  • Keeping your activity fresh and impactful.
  • And much more…



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