SIGGRAPH 2019 Survival Guide

Thursday July 25, 2019 Blog

SIGGRAPH is the biggest and most comprehensive conference for the computer graphics (CG) industry – expect a packed conference schedule, filled with inspiring keynotes, blockbuster film breakdowns, and tutorials from the brightest minds in the industry. Meanwhile, the show floor offers the latest technological innovations across animation, visual effects, and mixed realities.

Here at Grammatik, we’re SIGGRAPH veterans, attending each year to support our clients, network with our colleagues in the industry and find out what’s new! We’ve learned a few tips and tricks over the years that we’ve decided to share with you.

What to bring

Backpack. Phone charger. Comfy shoes. Business cards! Your SIGGRAPH badge. Lip balm (conference centre air-con always dries out your lips).

Plan your schedule

With hundreds of booths on the show floor and multiple talks and courses happening at the same time, you’re never going to be able to see everything. You can maximise your time by making a note of the keynotes you don’t want to miss and the booths you’re keen to drop by.

Download the official SIGGRAPH app to build your schedule and receive notifications when key talks or courses are about to begin. You can also export your schedule to your calendar or keep it old school and print it off.


Of course, networking is a huge part of visiting a trade show – the opportunity to connect with likeminded people and explore potential business opportunities. But be careful not to overload your schedule with pre-booked meetings, leaving you with little to no time to explore the show floor and find some organic business inspiration!

It’s also a good idea to plan where your meetings are going to take place ahead of time. Cafés and meeting areas can fill up quickly, especially on the Tuesday and Wednesday, so maybe a have a backup spot to avoid doing an important business meeting in the stairwell.


First time at SIGGRAPH? Why not head down to the ‘SIGGRAPH for Beginners – General View‘ session on Sunday at 12:30pm for an introductory overview with a focus on research, animation, production and industry. Monday Night @ Live is also a great way to meet your fellow conference-goers. Held at Xbox Plaza, a stone’s throw from the conference centre, it’s a celebration of the industry and a great place to network, along with some obligatory food and drinks!

Party time

When the conference centre closes, the fun doesn’t stop! From rooftop bars to beer caves, there are always countless parties and networking events happening across the city. It’s always best to RSVP to these as early as possible to ensure they don’t reach capacity.

The League of SIGGRAPH Parties Facebook group and the Wiki-FX site are two great places to look for the latest info on how to get into some of the biggest parties on the agenda.

Follow the Grammatik team live on the show floor all week, and let us know your highlights on Instagram and Twitter @GrammatikAgency.

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