Top 5 Tech Roundup – November

Wednesday November 18, 2020 Blog

The animation industry is in its element. While the entertainment industry is put on hold, animation production has continued at full speed. In this new instalment of Top 5 Tech, we’ve compiled some of the best animation apps and tools that are fuelling the expansion of this sector. 

Cartoon Animator 4 

Formerly known as CrazyTalk Animator, Cartoon Animator 4 brings drawings to life. This 2D animation software enables users to easily sketch an idea and turn it into a 3D character in just a few clicks.

Cartoon animator Top 5 Tech

Users get unparalleled control animating characters – they can sync the movements of the characters with their own on-camera expressions and movements, including lip-sync talking animation. Whether you’re looking into developing your animation skills or just getting started, Cartoon Animator is ideal as it includes six hours of video content to educate users on the basics of animation. In no time at all, you’ll be effortlessly bringing all elements together to create unique animations.


The new iOS app Looom presents users with an animation playground, offering a new way to create hand-drawn animation. With a reimagined UI for animators and creators, this intuitive tool makes creating animated loops super easy.

Looom Top 5 Tech

The app was developed by Iorama.Studio, a duo of creators that were inspired by an animation looping technique known as “weaving loops”. Looom is a great app to experiment with, allowing users to create simple loops by combining them in sequences. Each project can have up to five threads and each thread supports only one colour, the rest is up to your imagination. 

Adobe Illustrator for Ipad

Good news for all animators out there – Adobe has rolled out Illustrator for Ipad. Following Photoshop’s release last year, Illustrator became the third Adobe app to jump from a desktop to an iPad.

illustrator for ipad Top 5 Tech

This version is ideal to work on the go, allowing users to retouch and finish their work from anywhere. Moreover, Illustrator for iPad automatically saves and syncs to the Creative Cloud so users don’t lose any work. Even though the iPad version doesn’t match the desktop version’s power, it includes all the main functions and tools which have been redesigned to adapt to the iPad’s layout. The app is already available to Creative Cloud users.

Animate 3D

DeepMotion is on a mission to bring digital characters to life through smarter motion technology. Their latest release is Animate 3D, an AI-powered platform that generates 3D animations from 2D videos – it’s great for film, games, AR/VR and other applications.

Animate 3D Top 5 Tech

The software is an innovative solution for digitising human motion without the need for a suit or hardware. In just a few minutes, the platform creates a high fidelity animation from any video, simplifying the motion capture process. It accepts .MP4 .MOV or .AVI files and generates .FBX or .BVH animations. With Animation 3D, DeepMotion is empowering creators to generate dynamic 3D animations. For those interested in mocap there’s a free trial available on their website.  


London-based company CelAction has announced the first release in the new Version 4 range of the CelAction2D products. CelAction2D Version 4 includes a toolset that will advance the creation of animations.

CelAction2D Top 5 Tech

The new release includes a complete core engine update, giving animators the ability to generate more footage than ever before. CelAction has also added new modular options to its perpetual-license range. The CelAction2D Animator Edition is the affordable version of CelAction2D Professional, making it a cost-effective solution that’s perfect for small studios aiming to get the best quality at a better price.

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