Top Tech Reads for Plugged-in PRs


Technology is currently developing at a faster speed than ever before so keeping up with developments in the industry never stops! As a B2B tech marketing agency, Grammatik needs to stay in touch with all things technology-related through a variety of blogs, newsletters and other publications. As such, we’ve compiled a list featuring some of the vital tech reads that are a must-follow for anyone interested in creative tech.

PR teams should be act as a sponge for stories and information from relevant media outlets in order to be able to set strategy and find the perfect space for their clients. The sites on this list are some of the most engaging sources in the tech industry, publishing the latest trends in the sector. Moreover, we have included some sites that also allow contributors and guest posts which are perfect for tech PR. Take a look below. 


Starting with a classic! You will always find WIRED in any top tech read list. Why? Because it is one of the most well-respected sites on the internet. Besides technology, readers can find a diverse range of topics including culture, science or business. It’s this contextualization of technology that makes it stand out among its peers which may often focuses more on the industry news, new products and new innovations. 

The Verge

The Verge is a great example of a publication that fires across all cylinders. Whether it’s scientific discovery, the latest tech, or entertainment, it’s the ideal source of the world’s biggest news. Additionally, the publication still finds time to publish interesting features that marry its broad range of topics together. Read the Verge to stay up-to-date with trending topics in an attempt to inspire new ideas. Seeing what hits big and working out ways to apply that formula to our own PR efforts at Grammatik is an invaluable process.


TechCrunch delivers top-notch reporting on the business-side of the tech industry – from startups to experienced companies. Topical, relevant, spot on. Covering a range of topics including gaming, computing, automotive and eCommerce, there’s really no fuss. It’s the publication to go for when clients have launched a new product, hired a new board member or succeeded in a funding raise. 


Endgadget is where technology meets entertainment. A great space to track the latest news and reviews about technology, TV, gaming and gadgets. It’s a go-to publication to keep up with the industry on a day-to-day basis. What makes Endgadget different from other publications is that it takes readers into the future, offering content on AI, XR, Machine Learning and other technologies shaping the world of tomorrow.


Gizmodo claims that their team ‘’comes from the future’’ to bring you the latest tips, reviews, news. This well-respected news source presents a great mix of content focused on design, technology, science, science fiction and a bit of politics. They really have their finger on the pulse of the tech word, so you can always like to keep up with their latest news.


A huge multi-platform media and entertainment firm that goes beyond technology. Probably one of the most influential reads online, Mashable offers information about all things tech, digital culture and entertainment, delivering news and opinion pieces. Worth heading to Mashable daily to read up on the latest in tech innovation.


Even though TechNative has not been around as long as the reads above, they have been able to get some attention from savvy techies. TechNative features the latest products and user news, including features, reports, podcast and video interviews with business technology leaders. 


As its tagline suggests, Techspective offers a unique perspective on technology. For those pursuing a career in tech, the publication is ideal for being up to date with key industry trends and breaking news. From a PR perspective, it can be the go-to read for long-form thought-leadership pieces that offer an exclusive insight into topics like cloud computing, AI, Augmented Reality and more.

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