Animation and Games

Animation and Games are two of the most popular digital mediums of the modern age, driving home entertainment for an increasingly broad range of backgrounds and age groups. The huge advancements made in digital software have transformed both mediums into entirely new beasts that now sit side-by-side with Hollywood in terms of budget, realism and depth.

At Grammatik, we’ve formed partnerships with multiple creative studios working in the Animation and Games space, and we’re in-synch with the rapid expansion of both industries. Sometimes, it takes more than a great end-product to achieve the deserved exposure and appeal – a curated PR & Marketing strategy can transform a product or service.

Placing your studio’s work within industry publications, reinventing the comms of your website and social media, setting up partnership campaigns and festival opportunities – these are just some of the many vital avenues required to achieve market your product successfully.

Flipbook Studio Thought Leadership

Flipbook Studio is a multi-disciplinary production house based in Manchester, delivering VFX, animation and multimedia installation work. One of the studio’s core work deliverables is animated trailers for video games.

Instead of focusing on recently released projects, the team focused its attention on trending topics. This included coverage in a leading games industry magazine, Games Industry Biz.

Anim Dojo

AnimDojo is an exciting and innovative new approach to teaching animation, straight from the minds of the leading artists at London’s successful creative studio Blue Zoo.

Over a period of 12 weeks, we were tasked with helping to build awareness around the AnimDojo platform via a number of methods, both digital and traditional. The core aim was to grow the reach of AnimDojo and secure an increase in new users, building on the interest around the launch. We devised a strategic marketing plan, dividing our activities into set blocks and streamlining approach to achieve as much as possible within a three-month sprint.

Axis Studio – Magic the Gathering

With 20 years of creative prowess established in VFX and Animation, UK-based Axis Studios are a renowned studio on the global stage. The Axis team have worked on an impressive slate of animation projects, most recently collaborating with Aardman Animation on Early Man and Shaun the Sheep.

Following the online viral success of the previous Magic the Gathering Trailer, Grammatik was set the task of promoting the role Axis played in creating the follow-up for Throne of Eldraine. We hit the ground running on all fronts, with press outreach and expert social curation.


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