Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has gone from a technological vision to an integrated feature of modern life. Algorithms now influence the decision making of governments and global companies, and their place in the world of social media means most people use a form of AI to navigate their daily lives.

At Grammatik, our experience working with companies across multiple tech industries has given us an insight into the many uses of AI technology, whether in visual media, consumer behaviour or analysis. We know how to hone in on AI’s positive features, linking products with the wider subject matter and continued developments in the industry.

PR – We’ve developed professional relationships with journalists and PR professionals across the creative and technological space, securing news coverage and features for our diverse range of clients.

Strategy – When it comes to developing a marketing strategy, whether it’s overarching or project-specific, our experience handling clients from around the globe position us as experts.

Comms – Whether it’s an advertisement, social, content, press or website copy, we’ll curate effective messaging. We’re a team of wordsmiths.

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