Top 5 Tech Roundup – 21st March, 2019

Thursday February 21, 2019 Blog

For our latest Top-5-Tech roundup we delve into some innovative stories and technologies that caught the teams’ collective eye. Incoming this week…the imagination of commuters is being instantly tailored for, custom advertising is infiltrating content and much more…

1) Short Édition, short stories

Modern-city life in London is filled with flowing, fast paced commutes intertwined with a seemingly endless herd of people. All is well until your train is delayed and you’re faced (literally) with the prospect of social interaction. But there’s no need to reach for the phone…

With machines already established in France, Hong Kong, and the US, French company Short Édition produce vending machines that instantly print out short stories to members of the public. Soon to be launched in Canary Wharf, a broad selection of genres from some of the world’s most-famous writers will be available, including a special commission by Anthony Horowitz.

2) Solar Roof

Infamous CEO and engineer Elon Musk confidently announced that 2019 would be the year of the solar roof. With Tesla’s solar tiles, he’s helping make that prediction a reality. Renewable energy that negates combustion will continue to populate the thinking space of most businesses, as society as a whole looks to make the switch. Replacing your standard slate for a high-tech, solar-sapping alternative may be one step towards a solution.

Although only a small number of solar roofs have been fitted since its launch, Elon has committed Tesla’s efforts towards getting the technology out to as many people as possible. With a solar-roof you can generate and store energy directly from the sun.


Content and more content! Brands of all shapes and sizes understand the need to create engaging content that generates traffic. However, the hurdle of monetising content can trip people up fast… RYFF has produced an insightful new project that helps solve this problem whilst instantly breathing life into content that’s already created.

With RYFF, creators and advertisors can digitally place product assets into the frame after the the content has been produced, allowing for easy monetisation and reusability.

4) Cobalt Robots

With a design that would strike fear into the heart of Doctor Who, Cobalt’s workplace robots are much friendlier than their resemblance suggests. With spatial awareness and automatic docking, this metallic friend on wheels travels around the office picking up possible security issues.

With cameras and sensors recording the environment, the robots are designed to streamline processes when problems occur, allowing workers to get a direct video feed to a security member of staff.

5) Wayve AI

A fascination with self-driving vehicles has remained hard printed in the prospective psyches of fiction writers and scientists alike. We’re finally in an era where the initial stages of the technology are becoming a reality, but nobody has got it quite right, yet. Wayve is using advanced deep-learning technology in its take on autonomous cars and is claiming to have built the world’s first autonomous car using only AI and SatNav.

By using reinforcement learning to learn how to drive from scratch, transferring from testing to a real-world situation, and navigating around complex urban environments, Wayve’s autonomous car has really hit the ground running. Or should that be driving?

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