Arranging a cocktail reception for Google

An LA rooftop pool party for the world's largest tech company

The client

Google Cloud Platform is a suite of cloud computing services powered by the depth and scale of Google’ infrastructure.

Google Cloud Platform had recently acquired cloud-rendering solution Zync Render and engaged with Grammatik to help them inform the market.

The team wanted to sell the ease, flexibility and scalability of cloud rendering into the media & entertainment industry at all levels – from major studios down to individual artists working on the front lines.

The brief

Grammatik worked with Google Cloud Platform to promote the benefits of Zync Render over the course of a long-term strategy. This strategy included development of digital campaigns, publicity pushes, and events.

As part of this plan, Grammatik was asked to support the set up, delivery and success of a cocktail reception at SIGGRAPH. We were asked to locate a suitable venue in Los Angeles, drive attendance to the event, and ensure the whole thing went off without a hitch.

The strategy

Finding a venue

We worked with our network of contacts and knowledge of the LA area to secure a fantastic venue for the cocktail reception: the Ace Hotel in Downtown LA. The rooftop location gave an exclusive feel to the event.


We were on hand during the hours in the run-up to the event, supporting the GCP staff in preparing the venue for the guests. This included working with the venue staff, setting up signage, and taking a quick dip in the pool to place a GCP banner on the floor!

Driving attendees

We communicated with GCP’s database to ensure they knew about the event and received invites in a timely manner. We also ran a nurture campaign to ensure that attendees remained aware of the event and that attendance numbers would be high.

Check-in desk

We supported GCP staff on the day, checking invites and providing wristbands to guests as they entered the event, while ensuring that we did not exceed the venue’s maximum capacity.

The Results

Over 100+ attendees

GCP database expanded with opt-in contacts

Extremely positive feedback from attendees

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