AWS Thinkbox – Tuned for Performance

How Thinkbox Deadline revved up content creation at Saddington Baynes

The Project

AWS Thinkbox’s Deadline provides the rendering backbone for creative studios across the globe.

Developed in response to the barriers that once prevented the creation of quick-and-seamless CG work, Deadline opens up a world of possibilities for studios of all sizes working with heavy datasets and intricately complex scenes.

Studios such as the London-based production studio Saddington Baynes.

The approach

We headed to Saddington Baynes’ London studio armed with camera and microphone to find out just how Deadline has super-powered its output for brands like Honda, Strongbow and O2.

Speaking to the senior management team, we discovered what rendering in the AWS Cloud meant for both the front-line artists and the supervisors at the studio. We also captured plenty of b-roll to give a flavour of the life at a busy, technologically savvy creative studio.

What We Did

End-to-end production

Scripting & planning


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