Xsens Motion Capture Influencer Marketing

Strategising and launching Xsens' first ever influencer campaign for MVN technologies

The client

Xsens is a leading innovator in the world of 3D motion tracking. Its unique sensor fusion motion capture technology enables seamless interaction between the physical and the digital worlds.

Their flagship motion capture suit product, MVN, is equipped with the latest in high-end inertial motion capture technology. Used alongside supplementary hardware, Xsens’ solutions are used by renowned organisations and studios across the healthcare, sports analysis, and media & entertainment industries.

The brief

Expanding on a long-term partnership, Xsens trusted us to both strategise and launch their first ever influencer campaign for MVN technologies. The goal was to reach CG-lovers with widespread, visually stunning content across YouTube. We tapped the creatives at Corridor Digital to produce a series of hilarious, technically accurate videos – handling all logistics communications and deliverables along the way. These videos soon went stratospheric, with one receiving 8.8 million views to date, putting Xsens’ mocap suit firmly in the spotlight.

The strategy

Research and Planning

Grammatik sourced and curated a list of potential brand ambassadors, then set up communications, contracts and expected deliverables.


Arranged dates, shipping and training to ensure Corridor DIgital could use the motion capture suit to its full capability on set.


Arranged follow-up interviews with Corridor Digital and drafted a permanent case study for the Xsens website.


Responded to immediate coverage in TNW, The Verge, Business Insider and other mainstream media outlets.

The Results

Viral reach with over 8.8 million YouTube views

Secured 15 high profile press articles

Over 22 million views across social media

Resulting event presentation at SIGGRAPH

Permanent Xsens site content

Future videos confirmed

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