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Friday March 22, 2019 Company News

Since inception, Grammatik has been based in Hackney, East London. If you don’t know it – it’s a fun part of town and a strategic location for us: It’s easy to travel across town to get to the historic home of the VFX and production houses of Soho, and just up the road from the main tech hub in Shoreditch.

…So all your clients are from London, right?

Actually, no – our client base is truly global. We have worked with clients from California to Copenhagen, Australia to Austria, Manchester to Massachusetts, and it’s been that way since the start.

For our clients further away, we pride ourselves on being able to play a time zone difference to our advantage, working while clients sleep and hosting catchups at the start or end which can keep their day-schedules clear and add efficiency to work delivery.

With our clients in Europe or the UK, this means that we are readily contactable via calls or instant messaging throughout the day.

Regardless of the distance, we believe in a regular cadence of communications. Accountability and honesty are key at Grammatik. Client calls can be productive brainstorms, workload updates, new idea pitches and a general touch point to ensure we are aligned and working towards the same goal.

Today, all the tools are there to make collaboration around the globe easy, and when all said and done that’s what we look out for when we take on new business. More than just a client we look for a partner we can support, collaborate with and share successes with.

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