OPINION: Should PRs and Marketeers Care about Clubhouse?

Wednesday March 17, 2021 Blog

The beginning of the pandemic saw industries far and wide present offerings to keep the locked down world satisfied, entertained and engaged. Some rode the wave to success (congrats Peloton), while others weren’t so fortunate (anyone remember House Party?).

But as with any newfound fame, there’s always fervent speculation seasoned with a dash of scepticism: what will last, what won’t? What is smoke, and what is worth actually paying any mind?

However, since the launch of Clubhouse in April of 2020, we’ve already seen big names like Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey and Alexis Ohanian take the bait as active users, not to mention a valuation of 1 billion dollars after just 9 months live. Details like these are hard to ignore, so it’s worth asking – should PR and marketing professionals care about Clubhouse?

Clubhouse 101

In layman’s terms, Clubhouse is a fascinating hybrid between a podcast and a webinar – a live audio-only platform that allows people anywhere in the world to… well, talk. With screen-fatigue becoming a real and present issue, Clubhouse offers a convenient solution to remain engaged, learn and network whilst getting on with laundry or fitting in a jog.

Just as you can browse through your favourite genre of film on Netflix, users can browse rooms for conversations on topics that interest them – from poetry slams to panel discussions, visual effects to Victoria’s Secret. 

Clubhouse’s je ne sais quoi lies in the fact that to become an active user one must first be invited by a member of the platform. Suddenly, there’s an exclusive appeal. If that wasn’t enough, each session happens live so once it’s over, it’s over. No recordings, no playbacks. Doubling down on a sense of ‘fear of missing out’.

If you’re up for learning the ins and outs, here’s a comprehensive clip for how it all works.

Let’s talk value add

So, why should you introduce Clubhouse to your PR and marketing toolkit?

  • Brand Awareness 

The very nature of the app allows brands to present themselves as thought-leaders in their field. By hosting (or co-hosting) dedicated rooms in your area of authority, or by participating in other rooms with no other motive other than to add value and insight, Clubhouse can be a tool to make somewhat of a name for yourself or your brand in front of a global audience.

  • Staying in the game

As PR experts, we’re all trying to give our clients an edge when it comes to trends and ideas, and Clubhouse is the perfect place to keep your ear to the ground. The high yield networking environment means people are keen to show off their industry foresight and entrepreneurial prowess. With masses of industry dialogue in these incredibly niche forums, you are bound to come across ideas that inform and inspire your strategies and pitches to clients.

  • Lead generation

Fostering a somewhat serendipitous environment, the new social media app ably recreates the magic of in-person events by creating windows to meet potential clients and partners in forums that, without Clubhouse, would have never occurred. But be warned, using the app for lead generation purposes can be a time-consuming feat and majorly detract from time spent elsewhere.

  • Understanding your audience

If marketing is the process of identifying the consumer need and how to go about meeting it, then Clubhouse is a stellar research opportunity. Marketers, if you know what’s good for you, listen in to the topics and discussions that are important to your audience. The insights from this space can influence strategy, product development and much more.

Clubhouse is a fantastic place to learn and grow both professionally and personally, whether it’s engaging with experts or fostering community. As for the app’s longevity, it’s perhaps too early to tell, but considering its successful use cases, it’s worth striking while the iron’s hot!

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