Top 5 Tech Roundup – September 26th, 2019

Thursday September 26, 2019 Blog

Top 5 tech has returned for another feature, this time covering a broad area of technology that spans personable accessories, improved health, and revolutionary science.

Kokoon Headphones

With so much talk about blue light and effects on short-term memory as a result of our smart devices, a natural reaction for many may be to reduce tech dependence. But with the sharp rise in individuals using meditation apps and binaural sound, people are turning to technology to relax and get a better night’s sleep. Enter: Kokoon Headphones.

Kokoon’s headphones boast more than just noise cancellation – they’re packed with EEG Sensors that collect movement data to create a unique picture of each individual’s relaxation patterns. This includes smart monitoring to measure responses, a sleep guard that knows when a user has dropped off, and personalised responses on how each individual can improve their sleep. The headphones come with an app containing its very own media library for relaxing.

Polaroid Lab

Make pictures, don’t take them – Polaroid Lab targets our copious amounts of forgotten phone images with a fresh take on a vintage technology.

Polaroid Lab is taking our love of polaroids into the modern, instantaneous age. For the unique images that require a special, regularly viewed place in our lives, nothing quite compares to the feeling of irreplicability that comes with a physical photo. By simply placing a smartphone on top of the device, Polaroid Lab uses the light from the phone to produce the polaroid picture with mirrors. Shake it.

Mario Kart Tour

Arguably the biggest video game character in the world, Mario has a well-loved reputation that spans across multiple generations. A hugely popular spin-off in the Mario franchise is Mario Kart, with versions seen on most of Nintendo’s gaming platforms.

Recently, Nintendo has begun expanding into the world of mobile gaming, marching its character universe into Apple and Android devices. Mario Kart Tour is the latest touch of Nintendo to reach our fingertips, bringing high-speed, banana-throwing racing to our phones. The only caveat: you’ll need to make a Nintendo account first.

Amazon echo loop

Digital Assistants are populating more and more homes, with voice-commands becoming the go-to choice for consumers that need information fast. It also adds a personal touch to the interactions between our thoughts and technology. Amazon’s yet-to-be-released, Amazon Echo, takes Alexa out of the house and onto your hand in a form that suggests the name, smart-ring.

Taking a size which is considerably smaller than most portable smart devices, the ring has a naturally low volume range. This, however, is intentional – the ring is designed to respond to whispers, meaning users can raise the ring to their mouth to ask a question, and then place it to their ear for a response. The potential result is greater privacy in public situations.


Google Quantum Computer

Quantum Computers threaten to completely change our digital landscape, revolutionising the ways scientists can solve the world’s most complex formulas. Quantum computing can simultaneously work out multiple problems at once, outperforming some of the world’s most powerful processors.

In a briefly available report released online, Google announced “Quantum Supremacy,” claiming to have a calculation in three minutes that would have taken the world’s most powerful computer 10,000 years. Computing power of this magnitude could have huge implications for developing technologies in energy and AI.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Top 5 Tech!

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