What’s in your Marketing toolbox?

Wednesday February 12, 2020 Blog

Marketing is a broad, complex, and ever-evolving field. Today, client demands can often include a mixture of content, social media, SEO, brand management, PR, and more. With so many channels, executions and data points available to support an increasingly diverse marketing mix, how do we stay on track?

The Grammatik client teams rely on a stack of marketing tools and applications to help work internally and with our clients abroad. This blog highlights just a few of the applications we use in-house and how they help us. Maybe a few of these will help you too:

Google Suite

“Your stuff everywhere” – simple ease of use for collaboration. At the very heart of what we do, we are a team business and our client relationships are collaborations. Being able to simply and easily review data, documents or a presentation collaboratively, in real-time, in-browser, without clunky versioning and back-and-forth makes for smooth and easy work.


Keeping the madness all in order. Asana is a cloud-based workflow and project management tool that looks after the work we do at Grammatik. We can break apart projects into tasks, distribute work across the team and track our progress. Asana helps us keep focussed on the work ahead whilst also being able to take a high-level view of tasks – this ensures that the smaller parts are building towards a solid-strategy.


Keeping your websites google search-friendly. Moz is our SEO tool of choice, amongst other uses, it helps us understand site health, track keyword ranking progress and help ensure content is Google search read. Google changes its search algorithms regularly, Moz helps ensure we’re up to date and can make adjustments to content as required.


Our ‘little black book’ and existing press relations help guide us to craft stories we know the media want to feature. Cision helps us to extend our contacts with an enormous database, search tools, media monitoring and allows us to measure results. Journalists switch jobs all the time, Cision stays up to date with all the latest moves which keep our engagements on-point.


Keeping internal email down means more organic, meaningful interactions between members of client or subject teams. Slack plugs into many of the other cloud services we use and minimizes distraction by collating application updates as bite-sized IMs that can be viewed in one place whenever you’re ready.


Canva makes it easy to produce professional-quality visuals. It’s drag-and-drop functionality, guides, templates and stripped back options simplify the process of creating graphics. Whilst sometimes we find we need to rely on heavier-weight software such as Adobe Creative software, often Canva does lighter work faster and more simply.


iMovie lowers the barrier of entry into video editing. Final Cut Pro or AVID suite…it ain’t. But, iMovie does well as a quick editor and video encoder. It’s free on Mac computers, exports up to 4K and is really easy to get started with. The editor is ideal for adding a professional way of ‘finishing’ mobile captured footage for social media, animating photos with a Ken Burns effect and working with video quickly.

Google Marketing Platform

This suite of tools including Analytics, Search Console, Tag Manager, and Data Studio helps us to understand website activity. We can learn where users are coming from, what their on-site behaviour is and form actions to encourage growth, engagement or any other objective we set, related to a client website.

There you have it! What are we missing? What is in your tool kit?
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