Broadcast Technology

Broadcasting media and entertainment is still hugely important to all creative mediums and services millions of people in the world over. Continued advancements in the technology powering Broadcasting is one the reasons television and radio remain primary platforms for content.

At Grammatik Agency, we pride ourselves in having a wide range of expertise for the whole of the creative technology space, and we’ve built the contacts and skills necessary to effectively provide successful PR & Marketing for any product or service.

PR – Working with studios at all stages of production for visual media, we’ve established great working relationships with some of the key broadcasting and advertisement publications, acquiring coverage in magazines such as Broadcast and Televisual.

Strategy – When it comes to developing a marketing strategy, whether it’s overarching or project-specific, our experience handling clients from around the globe position us as experts.

Comms – Whether it’s an advertisement, social, content, press or website copy, we’ll curate effective messaging. We’re a team of wordsmiths.



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