Internet of Things

The Internet of things compiles the growing list of connected devices that populate our public spaces, homes and pockets. The internet now bridges most aspects of our everyday life, making us more connected than ever, and whether we’re using our phone, laptop or television, we’re constantly interacting with people and software, transferring information across the network.

The best thing about this network? It’s constantly expanding. There’s always room for another unique product to enter the space.

At Grammatik Agency, we offer a full range of PR & marketing services and can connect your company with our extensive list of industry contacts, positioning your service or product front and centre.

PR – We’ve developed professional relationships with journalists and PR professionals across the creative and technological space, securing news coverage and features for our diverse range of clients.

Strategy – When it comes to developing a marketing strategy, whether it’s overarching or project-specific, our experience handling clients from around the globe position us as experts.

Comms – Whether it’s an advertisement, social, content, press or website copy, we’ll curate effective messaging. We’re a team of wordsmiths.

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