Our team have an expansive and instinctive knowledge of technology across many different industries. Through effective Tech PR we work to get your stories told in the most relevant media outlets and publications.

As a team, we understand the needs of journalists, how to communicate and pitch to them, and their hunger for truly newsworthy stories and quality content.

Specialists in the games, B2B, creative, design and Tech PR, we hold solid relationships with many tier 1 global press publications. We have experience securing coverage for technology clients in mainstream targets including  WIRED, HollyWood Reporter, The Verge, FastCo, Inc., Variety, The New York Times, NBC and many more.

We are based in London but our reach is Global.

Of course it’s not just the glossy big names that matter. With all of our PR activities we work to develop specific target lists that will reach the right people, not just the most people.

We get hands-on and deep dive into your markets and subject matters, helping you plan and deliver on-point messaging, news and insights.

  • Press office function
  • Press release creation & distribution
  • Access to Global Cision database
  • Securing speaking opportunities
  • Blogger and influencer engagement

Get in touch below if you have a brief or a project that you would like our team to support on. We’d be delighted to share some ideas on how we would help you overcome your challenges.

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