Cloud Technology

Cloud technology powers the online world, providing connectivity and storage to everything within the internet of things. We work with a broad range of technology innovators that provide and utilise cloud services, and we’re adept at finding strategies to market each unique service.

Some of these companies include leading render management software, AWS Thinkbox and Hyve, a fully managed UK based cloud hosting provider. Our services have also been utilised by cloud-based creative tools such as cineSync and SyncSketch. We provide smart PR & Marketing, tapping into our extensive pool of industry contacts for regular coverage, and transforming product comms into clear, concise messaging.

Whether its social, advertisement or strategy, we cover every corner of a marketing campaign.

AWS Thinkbox

AWS Thinkboxs Deadline provides the rendering backbone for creative studios across the globe. By managing the rendering processes of hundreds of machines at any one time, studios can gain access to AWS’s expansive cloud network for their rendering needs.

Speaking to the senior management team at Saddington Baynes, we discovered what rendering in the AWS Cloud meant for both the front-line artists and the supervisors at the studio, producing a promotional film.



Cospective is the creator of award-winning visual communication and remote review tools cineSync and frankie. Web-based and designed for ease of use, frankie is the simplest way to share and comment on still images or videos in progress.

For this campaign, Cospective tasked us with increasing sales and awareness of frankie by driving conversions from customers already familiar with the product. Our PR & Marketing strategy helped see an increase in the number of frankie subscriptions and also gathered useful marketing intelligence to help inform potential future campaigns.

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