Computer Vision / AI

The imagined AI of the future has always developed a level of superhuman perception, integrating with human society by replicating behaviours – it can make for some dramatic narratives!

Computer Vision really is the ‘vision’ behind this sci-fi reality, but unlike the worlds of fiction, the technology’s real benefits far outweigh the cons, offering a breadth of possibilities for software that’s able to analyse visual space.

We’ve worked with a range of companies using various forms of computer vision to power their products and services. At Grammatik Agency, not only are we well versed in the inner-workings behind these technologies, we’re fully equipped to sell them. Our diverse range of PR & Marketing capabilities will help position your product or service in front of the right audience.

Cubic Motion – Persona

We’ve worked on a number of successful campaigns for Facial Capture and Computer Vision industry leaders, Cubic Motion. For their flagship release, Persona, the Grammatik team put pen to paper, transforming the messaging and digital aesthetics of the brand.

We also ran a successful PR campaign and significantly boosted their organic social reach, increasing their following by 25% over the course of 6 months.

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