Software and Tools

In today’s digital economy, software is as important as hardware. Innovations in software design have transformed the possibilities of hardware platforms, providing refreshed user experiences that impact everyday life.

We’ve worked with a large roster of creative software clients, including Cospective, SyncSketch, and Rapid Compact, building successful marketing campaigns and achieving widespread coverage in the leading industry press.

We’ve also developed effective marketing strategies for security giants, Expereo, transforming their social media and content output.

Rapid Compact

The result of more than six years of R&D, Rapid Compact provides essential tools for 3D data optimization, automated, lightning-fast, and usable by anyone.

We’ve taken over Rapid Compact’s PR & Marketing strategy and have successfully pitched the brand to several leading publications, including Startup Magazine, Content Technology and Technative.


Cospective, an ftrack company, is the developer of cineSync and Frankie – two applications for remote review and approval of content.

Grammatik was tasked with reaching out to multiple partners and clients to secure and conduct interviews about their use of Cospective’s software. This source material was used to create case studies that showcased their products and how they were integral to the production workflow of high profile projects.


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