Animatrik Mocap Infographic Design

Charting the history of motion capture from 1774 to today

The client

Animatrik is a world leader in groundbreaking motion capture, pre-visualisation and virtual cinematography services. Headquartered in Vancouver, it is home to the largest independent motion capture sound stage in North America.

Animatrik was founded in 2001 by Brett Ineson, with the express purpose of providing the most up-to-date and efficient stage and location-based performance capture and virtual camera services.

Projects at Animatrik include Spider-Man: HomecomingGears of War 4Doctor StrangeThe Jungle BookKong: Skull IslandRogue One: A Star Wars StorySuicide Squad, and Warcraft.

The brief

Animatrik wanted a way to highlight its motion capture expertise and heritage in a visually compelling way. The team approached Grammatik, and the concept of a motion capture infographic charting the history of the technology was conceived.

At the time of its creation, no other such infographic existed. Grammatik needed to reach out to the right people to collect the data required for the infographic, while also seeking a fresh and exciting way to display the data.

The Grammatik team dived in headfirst, speaking to leaders in the field to build the foundations of the new Animatrik asset.

The strategy

Speaking to the experts

Grammatik spoke to experts in the motion capture industry, engaged with the Motion Capture Society, and performed deep research into the technology to deliver a range of facts and statistics which could be used to chart the history of mocap.

Thinking about design

Once the key facts and figures were selected, we needed to determine how best to present the information with clarity. Grammatik engaged London-based VFX and design company Territory to work on the asset, imbuing it with an appropriately futuristic feel.

Working with Animatrik

We worked closely alongside Animatrik’s key stakeholders to ensure they remained up to date on the development and decisions guiding the content of the infographic. They were provided the opportunity for sign-off at every step of the project, ensuring a satisfactory end result.

Getting it out to press

Upon completion of the infographic, Grammatik commenced pitching the asset to press, targeting outlets with an interest in the industry. The infographic proved hugely popular thanks to its balance of accessibility with deeper educational information.

What We Did

Over 60 facts and figures selected

Designed by leading design & VFX Territory Studio

15 pieces of coverage

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