‘Liftoff’ for Star Wars: Origins – Short Film PR

Grammatik provided full PR & Marketing for Flipbook Studio

The client

Based in Manchester, UK, Flipbook Studio is an animation and VFX production house working across film, TV, games and advertising. The studio’s impressive portfolio of work now spans 10 years and includes prestigious clients such as Netflix and the BBC. One of their most recent works was for the fan-film short, Star Wars: Origins

The brief

Grammatik was tasked with the promotion of Flipbook Studio’s VFX work for Star Wars: Origins, targeting press opportunities and social media. With the film already released and available online, the challenge came in exposing the studio’s impressive CG work, shifting focus from the film’s narrative with a fresh spin on the production.

The film

Star Wars: Origins is a fan-made spin-off set in the 1940s Sahara desert. As two researchers are on the hunt for a secret cave while being chased by enemy forces, they unearth a secret technology that affects the whole Star Wars timeline. The VFX work by Flipbook depicting the rising starship is visually striking and has become the film’s signature scene. 

The strategy


Grammatik crafted a press release detailing Flipbook Studio’s extensive VFX work for the film before curating a bespoke press list with targeted pitches for each vertical. These included television, VFX, animation, and Star Wars related publications. Part of our PR strategy included associating Flipbook Studio with the impressive ‘fan film’ phenomena.

Social Media

Grammatik devised a cross-platform social media strategy to position Flipbook’s CG imagery front and centre. By collating assets from the film, creating before and afters, and sharing the VFX breakdown natively, we aimed to maximise the organic reach of the content.

The Results

We successfully secured coverage in multiple titles, including 3D World and Creative Boom.

Both a case study and a breakdown page were made on the website to direct traffic.

Flipbook’s social following increased across all platforms with regular posts ensuring high levels of engagement.

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