Redefining Beauty at Saddington Baynes

Presenting a new, forward-thinking style for beauty brands through promotion of Saddington Baynes' latest CGI heavy film.

The client

Saddington Baynes is a 25-year-old creative studio located in the heart of London. They are true masters of their craft, standing as one of London’s original pioneers of digital retouching and one of the very first post-production studios to harness the potential of CG in-house. The company’s R&D branch (SBLABS) is constantly experimenting with new technology to broaden the services available to brands, and showcase Saddington Baynes’ creative capabilities.

The brief

Saddington Baynes conceived, developed and rendered a multi-channel film to demonstrate the flexibility of CGI and challenge perceptions within the beauty industry. Grammatik was tasked with promoting this animated showcase, called Redefining Beauty, to marketing media outlets and creative communities. The goal was to present a new, forward-thinking style for beauty brands in line with the current trend of corporate social responsibility (CSR), as well as help this industry realise what is now possible using CGI and visual effects.

The strategy

Thought Leadership

Capitalising on current B2B beauty trends, we developed research and messaging around how CGI can encourage social responsibility in the beauty sector.

Content Creation

Created and refined a press announcement, technical project breakdown, Saddington Baynes Q&A and aforementioned thought leadership.

Press Targets

Pitched contacts at creative/VFX press and researched new, tier-one beauty targets (resulting in GCI, Beauty Business Journal & Cosmetics Business coverage).

Visual Breakdown

Extracted images from video launch at Le Book New York, focusing on the most artistically impressive shots.

The Results

Successful B2B & specialist beauty press targeting

Seven total pieces of press coverage

Combined 540,778 weekly readership

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