Shocap Entertainment present Virtual Jazz on BBC Click

The client

Comprised of the combined creative talents of Animatrik’s Brett Ineson and Lifelike & Believable’s Athomas Goldberg, Shocap Entertainment are pushing new boundaries in virtual production. Using a fusion of live performers, motion capture, virtual cameras, and the Unreal Engine, Shocap is able to generate incredible XR performances for circus, music and theatre – redefining multimedia entertainment in the modern age.

BBC Click Clickmas 2020 Special - 3
BBC Click Clickmas 2020 Special - 2

The project

Tapping into our breadth of contacts in the creative industries, we reached out to BBC Click, pitching the incredible advancements in virtual production technology made by Shocap Entertainment. BBC Click covers some of the world’s most exciting technological innovations, which made Shocap the perfect match. 

The world’s first broadcasted XR-Jazz show

BBC Click saw incredible potential in our tailored pitch, offering Shocap the opportunity to fill a globally broadcasted slot on Christmas Day. Grammatik then mediated talks between Shocap and the BBC, assisting in the concept and planning for Shocap’s involvement. The team settled on an XR Jazz performance with Canadian singer Jill Barber – the first ever shown on television. 

BBC Click Clickmas 2020 Special - 4

PR & Marketing Campaign

Once the date and details were set, Grammatik set about generating as much buzz as possible in the lead up to the event. This included sending out a press release and releasing teasers on social. The outreach was a success, obtaining publication in Broadcast and VR Scout. We then followed up the event with an on-site case study and a full technology breakdown published in 80.Lv

The Results

 Shocap Entertainment gained access to the BBC’s global audience, producing the world’s first broadcasted XR Jazz.

  Shocap has now leveraged this content to obtain more investment and more opportunities in live, virtual events.

Grammatik transformed this performance into a range of great coverage, written content and social, significantly raising Shocap’s profile online.

 Shocap Entertainment gained access to the BBC’s global audience, producing the world’s first broadcasted XR Jazz.

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