Terry Notary’s motion capture workshop

Calling seasoned directors and aspiring actors alike to Animatrik Film Design

The client

Animatrik, a world leader in groundbreaking motion capture and virtual cinematography services, teamed up with famous actor and movement coach Terry Notary to deliver an exclusive workshop titled “Character and Movement”. Seasoned directors and aspiring actors alike were invited to Animatrik’s Vancouver facility – home to the largest independent motion capture stage in North America – to learn the art of CG performance from Notary himself.

The brief

Grammatik was asked to support the set up, delivery and success of a workshop with renowned motion capture actor Terry Notary, hosted at the Animatrik facilities in Vancouver. The team’s main task was to drive registration for two fully-suited workshops, priced at $750 per day. As part of this plan, Grammatik’s promotional strategy extended across an event webpage, registration platform, press release, newsletter, social media posts and a wide range of creative assets.

The strategy


Following an interview with Animatrik's CTO, we devised content for a comprehensive event webpage and press release, which included testimonials from notable performers like Andy Serkis and Terry Notary himself.

Creative Assets

We sourced a range of promotional images, including a mixture of behind the scenes CGI and live action shots from Terry Notary projects. We likewise created explanatory graphics to outline activities and itinerary.

Driving attendees

We setup a registration form and Eventbrite page to drive ticket purchases. We also created social media blasts, a press release and a newsletter to spread awareness of the event in a timely manner.

Press coverage

Personal invitations were issued to key technology outlets in the local area, including The Georgia Straight and BT Vancouver. Resulting interviews and footage were published as an event recap, designed to attract additional traffic to the company website.

The Results

Sold-out workshop tickets

Press coverage reach of 888,000+

Highly positive attendee feedback

Social media reach of 285,500+

Rich, visual content captured for reuse

New business partnership established

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