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The brief

The Operators are well known for their integrated approach to production, with emphasis on multimedia formats and an eclectic range of work – including everything from live-­action commercials to stop-­frame animation and CGI.

Most recently, the company’s ‘director duo’ has unveiled a unique ‘Premium Social’ approach, transforming creative production for brands and advertisers alike. Grammatik’s role was to champion The Operator’s ‘Premium Social’ pipeline, outlining the need for high-end, high-volume, highly customisable media.

We published several extensive thought-leadership articles as well as a comprehensive breakdowns of each creative project. One of the most prominent articles was published by Digital Arts…

The story

It may seem like it’s been around forever, but social advertising is changing. Facebook ads have gone from static images to videos with high production values, computer animation, real actors and more, all in an incredibly short space of time. The reason why is obvious: with Gen Z, the world’s first ‘digital natives’, now entering the workforce, a single Instagram post could win your brand more new business than a 2-month billboard campaign on Old Street.

But how can agencies, brands and artists looking to sell their wares on social media stand out in a landscape that’s already populated by a proliferation of updates, tweets, photos, emails, event invites, whatsapp messages, news stories, and more, all vying for the user’s attention?

Standard protocols, procedures and outputs are yet to be defined. But for Ben Le Tourneau and Scott Freeman, director duo and owners at The Operators Creative, the answer is to be found in the emerging trend of “Premium Social” – high-end, high-quality, high-volume images and video, developed for social media on a budget, but aspiring to the production values and approaches of a typical television advertisement.

Here’s how agencies and brands can balance quality with quantity to achieve successful results…

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