Motion Capture

With CG animation and gaming pushing the boundaries of virtual realism, motion capture is key to any creative studio’s pipeline. Additionally, advances in biomechanical science and ergonomics have only been achievable with motion capture technology that can analyze full-body data. At Grammatik, we understand these unique benefits inside out, and we know how to effectively market them. 

Be it technology events, effective press campaigns in industry magazines, customer case studies or social media, we understand how to associate motion capture technology with the trending topics of today, emphasising the technology’s integral role. Our experience is built from working with the world’s very best companies, including Xsens, Cubic Motion and Animatrik. 

Find out about some of our work with motion capture technology clients below:

Xsens Influencer Marketing

Xsens is the principal innovator in the world of 3D motion tracking. Its unique sensor fusion motion capture technology enables seamless interaction between the physical and the digital worlds.

Grammatik strategised and launched their first-ever influencer campaign for MVN technologies. We tapped the creatives at Corridor Digital to produce a series of hilarious, technically accurate videos – handling all logistics communications and deliverables along the way. These videos soon went stratospheric, with one receiving 8.8 million views to date, putting Xsens’ mocap suit firmly in the spotlight.

Terry Notary Workshop with Animatrik

Animatrik is a globally-renowned studio in groundbreaking motion capture and virtual cinematography services. Grammatik was asked to support the setup, delivery and success of a workshop with renowned motion-capture actor Terry Notary, hosted at the Animatrik facilities in Vancouver. The team’s main task was to drive registration for two fully-suited workshops, priced at $750 per day. 

Grammatik’s promotional strategy extended across an event webpage, registration platform, press release, newsletter, social media posts and a wide range of creative assets.

Cubic Motion Persona Launch

Founded in 2009, and now merged with Epic Games, Cubic Motion is the world leader in real-time computer vision and facial animation technology. Its facial capture technology has been used in games such as God of War and Spiderman, and generated the world’s first digital human, Siren. 

Grammatik took charge of a total rebrand for Cubic Motion – we handled a complete overhaul of Cubic Motion’s logo, graphics, website and content. Alongside the new website, Grammatik helped launch “Persona”, a new product that captures and translates an actor’s performance onto a digital counterpart in real-time. We secured coverage in Tech Radar, VentureBeat, Digital Trends and much more.

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