Real time Technology

Developments in real time game engine technologies, such as Unreal Engine, have transformed digital production across the game, film and television industries. The ability to generate photoreal CG images instantly has also dramatically changed possibilities in live entertainment, allowing artists to portray interactive CG characters and scenes live in front of an audience.

At Grammatik Agency, we understand the revolutionary potential for real time technology as it continues to improve year-on-year. And we’ve had the opportunity to work with companies at the forefront of their respective fields.

Using our extensive experience, we can successfully leverage the media’s continued fascination with real time applications, positioning your company’s product or service in front of the right audience. Using PR, social media, content and more, our team of marketing professionals will rapidly expand your company’s market reach.

Real time live with Xsens

We successfully helped Xsens achieve global acclaim at SIGGRAPH’s Real Time live event in 2018, during which the company won the overall showing with VFX studio, Kite & Lightning.

We helped to pitch and promote the session featuring Kite & Lightning’s Cory Strassburger, who revealed how off-the-shelf solutions from Xsens, Apple, IKINEMA and Unreal Engine can create a DIY motion capture set up limited only by the range of your Wi-Fi.

Cubic Motion Persona

Cubic Motion, world leaders in facial capture technology, tasked us with full PR & Marketing support for the release of their flagship Persona product. Persona provides creative studios with the professional capabilities to record accurate facial animation for games and animation in real time.

Grammatik took charge of a total rebrand for Cubic Motion, updating their online presence in line with the company’s technical expertise. We handled a complete overhaul of Cubic Motion’s logo, graphics, website and content.

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